Muffins and Welcome Home Parades or Ramblings v1.

Frankly my dear,

It is with mixed feelings that I join the ranks of bloggers. I almost feel awkward, after all, I have always laughed along with those sarcastic journalists who rather resentfully criticise bloggers as egotistical and deluded as to their worthiness of being read by the public. So, to assuage any criticism (self or otherwise) which may rear its ugly head, I’m going to publicly (this way I can pretend that I’m not reassuring myself) disclaim that this blog has no pretensions to being sophisticated, intellectual, political, hardhitting etc etc (I can’t be bothered thinking of anything else that I may have to renounce here and now). It is simply a way to express myself without driving everyone crazy with frequent changes in Facebook status and without having to limit myself to 180 characters.

So, to begin…

Orange and poppy seed muffins and welcome home parades…yes, just a typical Satuday in C-Town. I haven’t actually got much to say on either of those topics except…deliciousness in a patty pan and…we really need to learn from one of the the world’s many dictatorships on how to put together a spectacular and stylish military welcome home parade – surely our military boys n girls deserve more than a brief march past some plastic chairs set out on the lawn of the War Memorial. I’m not talking about the rather queasily patriotic parades that the ole US of A put on, I’m thinking more along the lines of North Korea…(I like to imagine Kim Jong Il watching other countries’ parades and saying “that ain’t a parade…THIS is a parade..”) Now there’s a country that knows how to put on awe inspiring parades!

So in conclusion to this eclectic expression of thoughts, I say:

Frankly my dear, if you’re going to wear a snazzy military uniform you should lose your potbelly. Straining buttons simply can’t be disguised by medal bling…

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5 Responses to Muffins and Welcome Home Parades or Ramblings v1.

  1. canberra says:

    So THAT’s what the plastic chairs were for. I particularly enjoyed the ABC van covered in classy camo material.

  2. marryam says:

    love it! will be reading

  3. jess says:

    consider yourself added to my blogroll 🙂

  4. fattimah says:

    Thanks guys, good to know i won’t just be talking to public. haha!

    Just so you know, this is just part of my plan to take over the world…i’m starting slow, you know, getting a blog following…getting a private army…and the rest will be history…

  5. Dani says:

    Loves it. Will be tuning in….

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