Waltzing with Happiness

Dear Frankly,

Happiness is a strange beast. It can creep up on you, wrap it’s big furry arms around you, give you a bear hug and, before you realise it, you’re clicking your heels and singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Happiness hasn’t just given me a warm cuddle, it has thrown me into the air, caught me by the hands and is dancing the waltz with me. And it’s all be rather unexpected. One moment it seemed that I was in the depths of cold, dark, wintry depression and the next, I’m frolicking in fields of sunflowers.

Lately I’ve been filled with a sense of self-acceptance. I meet my eye in the mirror, nod hello and feel like I’ve seen a friend. It doesn’t matter how loudly I laughed, what clothes I wore, how much makeup I applied, if I couldn’t look myself in the eye when I was alone and accept myself with all my flaws, then I couldn’t be happy.

I’ve found myself a circle of friends who allow me to believe in myself, support me, correct me and improve me. And so, it would perhaps be more honest to say that when I look in the mirror and cheerfully nod hello to myself, I’m also nodding hello to the person my friends have shaped.

I’m going to head off now Frankly, before I descend into the mawkish and overly sentimental.

*pirouettes and disappears in a flurry of rosepetals*

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