My wisdom, for your benefit.

Dear Frankly,

Sometimes when I lie in bed at night, I think about the many excellent thoughts and experiences I have had during the day. And today, I realised that the world is a poorer place for not sharing my amazing existence. I intend to utilise this blog to share the most impressive aspects of my fascinating life. Allow me to whet your appetite with a selection of tasty titbits from today.

7:30am Just woke up. Today is Tuesday. Woah, intense!

7:50am Can’t find my socks. I love socks. Thick socks. Thick, warm socks.

9:07am Scratched itch on my elbow. Elbow, that’s a funny word. El Bow (Spanish/Arabic). Elb ow (after you hit it). Helbow (19th century butler).

10:15am Admired my reflection in the plate glass window next to my desk. I am a fine looking creature.  Just look at those elbows. Mighty fine pair of elbows.

11:21am Made pseudo-intellectual chitchat with vest-wearing PolSci student in coffee line. Finest Columbian. (The coffee, not the student. He was Brazilian.)

12pm Tomato and cheese toastie for lunch. Just listen to the crunch of that crisp bread.

12:15pm Tweeted from my iPhone, read a food blog on my iPad, wrote a short story on my MacBook Pro and posted some Hipstamatic prints on Facebook. I feel really engaged with the world. Beautiful feeling.

1:13pm I like apples.

1:50pm I just had an interesting thought.


Well Frankly,  I won’t overwhelm you with the rest of the fascinating events of the day. I think your brain might explode with the excitement. Never fear, I will be returning every single day to share all my thoughts and experiences. I know you are as fascinated with my life as I am. And we both know you’ll benefit immensely from my wisdom.

Kiss kiss

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One Response to My wisdom, for your benefit.

  1. Marryam says:

    I love this. 12pm is the best

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