Adding a pinch of meaning to life..

Dearest Frankly,

As yet another year draws to a close and I’m faced with the blank canvas of the new year, I’ve set myself the task of drawing up a list of activities to undertake in the future. Activities that will add meaning to my life. So here goes.

  1. Hike Mt Kilimanjaro whilst playing the nose flute and whittling wooden toys for orphaned childrenAfrica is just so atmospheric and I’m sure my creative energies will be invigorated by the mountain. All the while, making children’s toys! Orphaned children!
  2. Ride a pogo-stick from Uluru to Hobart to raise awareness of the plight of clown fish – People will give me money and talk about me on Sunrise and I will raise awareness of the plight of clown fish. How amazing and uplifting.
  3. Wear a moustache for a year (and take a picture of it everyday for a blog called Mo-nologues)– It would be so ironic, anti-establishment and would challenge gender norms. A fake moustache made of horse hair would be simply amazing. And everyone would admire my daring and my  intellect.

Wait a second, I’ve just had a brain-exploding brilliant idea. Why don’t I wear a fake moustache while pogo-sticking up Mt Kilimanjaro, playing the nose-flute, whittling toys and selling them to orphaned children to raise money for clown fish and writing about it on my blog Mo-nologues?

Frankly, I think I just wet my pants in excitement. 2011 is going to be a brilliant year.

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3 Responses to Adding a pinch of meaning to life..

  1. Marryam says:

    haha GO fattimah! 2011 is your year!!

  2. Nice moustache, I love this.

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