Livin’ the dream

Dear Frankly,

As many of my friends get married, have children, buy houses, bury grandparents, get promotions, travel the world and generally astonish me with evidence of their sheer grown-upness, I still find myself doing cartwheels in the garden, dancing alone in the rain, amusing myself with zany animal imitations (you should see my peacock! That wasn’t a suggestive ‘come see my etchings’ type invitation, I really can do a fantastic peacock), reading whimsical children’s books, chasing my mum around the house when she comes to visit whilst pretending to be a T-Rex (complete with stubby claw arms and deafening roar), laughing myself silly over my own jokes and frankly, I wonder if I should be vaguely ashamed.

Really, I’ve got two degrees, I pay all my bills on time, I write policy for the government, I keep up-to-date with world events, I can correctly use an Oxford comma, I can iron, I can be trusted with small children and I can say hello in a couple of languages. I understand that I’m probably an adult in everybody else’s estimation, but I just can’t shake the feeling that I should somehow be behaving more adult-like.

But frankly, I don’t think I want to.

What I do want to do is climb to the top of a tree and lie cradled in its branches, I want to do dizzy-wizzies until I can’t walk straight and I crash to the grass and have to dig my fingers into the earth until the world stops spinning, I want to read fairy stories and believe in dragons, I want to sit outside late into the night watching the stars wheel across the sky, I want to find humour in the smallest things, I want to watch people in my rear view mirror and suspect them of being international spies shadowing me (it’s fun until they start going exactly the same route as me…),  I want to sob over the fate of my favourite characters, and I want to eat lollies for dinner when it takes my fancy.

Frankly me ole friend, I’m thinking of re-writing the adult rule book. Or at least making a footnote exempting me from the usual requirements.

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2 Responses to Livin’ the dream

  1. Yup. It’s a sad irony we can’t wait to “grow up”….and then realize (hello, bait and switch?) that it’s like administering a fractious banana republic. No, thanks.

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