I am Woman (you’d hear me roar, but that would be unfeminine right?)

Hey Frankly,

Apparently our lady ancestors struggled to ensure that we have the opportunity to do anything we like, but for some reason too many of us choose to believe that there are still things that are ‘unfeminine.’ More irritatingly, the things we most often judge as ‘unfeminine’ are those things that represent strength and physical competence.

You’d think that with our modern day obsession with sleek, well exercised bodies we would have accepted that women are physically competent and yet we continue to place limits on the ways in which we can acceptably demonstrate our physicality.

It’s acceptable to play ball sports but if we’re invited to play backyard cricket in mixed company we all too often act as if we’re too frail to bowl a ball or swing a bat and instead giggle and squeal. Seriously ladies, get in there and hit that ball out of the field and if you can’t, at least give it a red hot go instead of pretending that only boys have the strength and co-ordination to play.

If it’s acceptable to attend a ‘self defence’ class, why would you think that learning a martial art is unfeminine? Learning to fight off attackers is both acceptable and encouraged but learning physical discipline, control and strength AND how to handle possible physical confrontation is unfeminine? How does that make any sense?

There are so many more examples, but I’m feeling depressed enough as it is. Ladies, I ask two things: Don’t limit yourselves – you are capable of anything; and don’t police other women’s behaviour – don’t, just don’t.

Later Frankly, I’m off to do some pushups.

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One Response to I am Woman (you’d hear me roar, but that would be unfeminine right?)

  1. Hell, yeah! I’m 54 and play softball with a bunch of men and women ages 25 to 70. I hit to the outfield and am damn proud of it.

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