Letting go…


Considering that the rest of the year is going to involve living out of a backpack wandering from country to country in search of sunshine, delicious food and quaint little nooks in which to sit and watch the world go by, moving out of home and selling my car should feel a lot less traumatic than it does.

But I’m having trouble letting go.

The Red Baron was my first major financial commitment, he gave me the means to enjoy C-town, and he was incredibly fun to drive. We went places; mountains, sea, country towns, parks, capital cities and supermarkets. And yet, I advertised him like he meant nothing to me, and then I handed him over to a new owner like I was lending a pen. I’m sorry Baron, I’m sorry! 

Actually, once I cash that cheque tomorrow, I’ll probably feel a whole lot better. Because that money covers my round-the-world ticket and a tour of Peru. So I guess you could say, my emotions are really quite easily bought. Money talks baby, money talks. 

Red Baron, I hope you roll on into a happy life full of chamois cloths, regular shampooings and easy highway miles. 


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